Nody is a node-based workflow engine. It works a little different than most other editors. Instead of tracking workflows and offering a simple undo, Nody provides nodes with which you can define workflows. Since those nodes are dynamically evaluated, every step of the workflow can be changed at any time and the results are immediately visible. This makes working a lot more flexibel and quicker.

Nody is also capable of batch processing, applying workflows to numerous files. Workflows can be saved and reused.

Note: Nody at its current version is little more than a proof-of-concept. Actually it’s still a prototype that will be further developed.

You can download the current version here:

Nody does not require any installation yet. Simply unpack the ZIP and double click NODY.exe. The ZIP file also includes a Quick Start Guide.

If you have any question, ideas, wishes or bugs, just let me know: gw(a t)