The current version can be downloaded here: ATB Download

The game’s main page you can find here: All Those Bugs Page

Release Notes:

  • New projects now emerge on the „Project Offers“ page every couple of days. Other projects disappear after a while.
  • New developers now emerge on the „Hire Staff“ page every couple of days. Other developers disappear after a while.
  • For both tasks I used a Perlin Noise algorithm from one of my Unity 3D projects. So there are times when there are more projects and developers, and at other times when there are less.
  • The display of the tasks has been reworked. They are colored boxes now, not arranged in columns anymore. I’m still not too happy with it, because it tends to look a bit confusing; on the other hand, there will be lots of different task types as the game progresses which would make the „column concept“ useless.
  • A „Show workable Tasks“ button has been placed on the bottom of the „Project Offers“ page to highlight those tasks that are covered by at least one of your developers.
  • The game ends at January 1st, 1983 at the moment. Historical data and new computer models have been entered up to that date. As more historical data is entered, this end will be moved more and more to the future (or present actually).
  • The game now ends when your balance falls below zero – it’s as simple as that…
  • The „Remove“ button to remove a developer from a project has been implemented.
  • Developers can now be moved between projects. (They weren’t correctly removed from the old project…)
  • The „Database“ and „UI“ tasks have been removed for now. They will be added again later, when computers had a true OS and therefore „true databases“ and „true UI frameworks“. So projects only have „business“ tasks and „OS specific“ tasks.
  • Most of the project data calculation (duration, LOC, payment etc.) has been reworked and balanced.
  • The „Bugs Found/Fixed“ fields and the „Days worked/left“ fields have been replaced with progress bars.
  • The „Computer“ column at the „Project Offers“ page now displays tooltips when hovering over a computer name (most of them with a picture); more of such tooltips will come.