The current version can be downloaded here: ATB Download

The game’s main page you can find here: All Those Bugs Page

Release Notes:

  • At the “Project” page for the members the skill that corresponds to the currently selected task for the developer is now displayed. So you can watch the developer “learning” while he is working on a task.
  • Message boxes are now displayed when new computer models are introduced. (Can be turned off via options.)
  • Icons have been added to the player cash, reputation and date boxes.
  • The “Options Page” has been activated.
  • The “Shop Page” has been activated. At the moment it is purely informational. It doesn’t have any effect on the game. It shows all computer models that are currently active in the game and is updated when new models are introduced or discontinued.
  • An “Estimated Developers” column has been added to the projects view. It shows how many developers are approximately required to finish the project.
  • Lots of missing computer models, images, comments and other data has been added.
  • The “Fire” button at the “Staff Page” has been fixed; it wasn’t working correctly (hired the same developer again and again…).