A new texture set has been approved by the Asset Store Team and is online available in the store.

The set contains 92 painted seamless tileable textures. Every texture comes in a resolution of 2048×2048 and is designed to cover an area of 5×5 units instead of the most commonly used 1×1 unit texture. It therefore minimizes visual repetitions when the texture is put on large areas and is perfect for ground and large wall textures.

Please note: some of the textures in the screen shots show Moire patterns, these do NOT show up in the original textures!

Note: The set does NOT include normal maps at the moment. If you require them, please let me know.

If you need textures which are not included in the set, please let me know. I will try to add them with the next update. (Usually weekly.)

Package includes:

*) 9 Cobble, 33 Stone Work, 5 Grass, 17 Ground, 14 Sand, 14 misc (rock, plaster, etc.) – together 92 textures, all in 2048×2048 resolution, tileable in all directions, carefully post produced to reduce visible repetitions.

*) Material for each texture.

*) Demo scenes by group.


Instructions for the demo scenes:

Use W-A-S-D and mouse to move around. Use keys ‚1‘ and ‚2‘ to cycle through all textures of the group. And don’t fall off the plane!

Screen shots: